Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

BackupGoo 4 released

The BackupGoo team just released BackupGoo 4. Hooray!
You can download the latest version at

The main features of BackupGoo 4:
- Replication of the folders in Google documents on your local backup. Makes searching for particular documents much easier.
- Official support for backup of up to 50 accounts. Ideal for Small businesses running on Google Apps.
- Support for 2 legged OAuth. That means that domain admins can backup their domains without having to know indivudal user passwords.

Additionally we implemented over 200 fixes and improvements.

A big thanks to you for helping us making BackupGoo an even better product :) It's really fun to develop such an application and developing new features requested by you!

We are always interested in feedback - let us know what you think!

Your BackupGoo Team

Backup your Google Apps domain without knowing your users' passwords

2 Legged OAuth to the rescue
If you are using Google Apps for your domain you can enable so called 2 legged OAuth authorization. You are getting a "secret" (password) that lets you access all accounts of your domain.

From version 4 on BackupGoo fully supports 2 legged OAuth. That means you can:
1. Backup all accounts without knowing individual passwords
2. Fetch all users from your domain without typing in each and every email

Backing up a complete domain with many many accounts becomes supersimple. Fetch all users. Hit the backup button.

How to enable 2 legged OAuth on your Google Apps domain
Enabling 2 legged OAuth is really simple, but it has to be done manually in your Google Apps for your domain dashboard.

1. Go to Google Apps dashboard at (where is your Google Apps domain)
Log in and go to Advanced tools => Manage OAuth domain key

2. Then make sure the following options are checked:
- Enable this consumer key
- Two legged OAuth access control: Allow access to all APIs
You will need the consumer key (your domain name) and the consumer secret (aka domain password) for BackupGoo.

3. Go to Domain Settings => User settings
Make sure the "Enable provisioning Api" is checked. The provisining API allows us to fetch all user names from your domain.

Setting up BackupGoo
Fire up BackupGoo and select the domain tab.
Click Add new domain and enter your secret and key.

Then click on fetch all users from domain. This will fetch all users and put the into the Accounts tab.

Then click the home tab and hit the Backup now button. All users of your domain will now be backed up.

One caveat and a bug
If BackupGoo reports that your key and secret are not accepted by Google you are maybe affected by a strange issue highlighted in

Basically all you have to do is adding the provisioning API explicitly on:

clientname: YOUR_DOMAIN
and oauth scope:

and then "authorize".

Any hints about that issue are appreciated :)

Backing up whole Google Apps domains is important. This is especially true for businesses that must ensure that their data is safe and secure in any case. 2 legged OAuth provided by Google Apps for your domain facilitates that by providing a secret and a key that allows a domain admin to backup all user accounts (mails, documents, calendars and contacts) without knowing individual passwords.

BackupGoo fully supports 2 legged OAuth and therefore makes backing up whole domains a simple 3 step process:
- Enter credentials of your domain
- Fetch all users of domain
- Hit the backup button.

We are always interested in feedback! Let us know what you think :)

Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Backup your Google Talk chat history with BackupGoo

Backup of chat logs has been requested by many users of BackupGoo in the past.

Now you can simply enable this feature in your Gmail settings.

To do so, go to the Gmail settings, visit the tab "Labels" and click on the “Show in IMAP” checkbox for Chats.

Thats it!

When you run BackupGoo the next time, all of your chat history will be backed-up :)