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BackupGoo 5, OAuth 2.0 and a domain

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Google is currently switching their authentication systems to OAuth 2.0. BackupGoo 5 is 100% ready for OAuth 2.0, and there are some steps to setup the system.

In principle there are two steps to do:

1. Create a so called service account in the "API console"
2. Add this service account to your domain via the admin console

1. Create a service account in the API console

Go to and log into the console via your admin email account of your domain.

Click on "create Project".

This takes you to the services. Please enable Drive API and Calendar API.

Click on API Access (left tab) and click on the blue button "Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID".

Enter "BackupGoo" (or an arbitrary name) as project name and hit "Next"

Select "Service Account" as client id setting and click "Create client ID".

Then click on download private key. Keep the file in a good location. BackupGoo will need the file to access your data.

That's it already. You now have three things you need for BackupGoo:
1. The key file (ending in p12)
2. Your client ID ending in ""
3. Your Email address ending in ""

The next step is to add your brand new API key to your domain.

2. Add service account to your domain

Go to (replace "" with your domain name)

Click on "Advanced tools".

Click on "Authentication" => "Manage third party OAuth Client access".

Then enter a new API access:
Client Name: Your client ID from the console
One or more API scopes (copy and paste the list with commas):,,,,

Then click on "authorize". That's it.


This post showed you how to create a service account on the API console and how to register that service account with your domain.

This enables you to use Google's OAuth 2.0 authentication together with BackupGoo 5.

In case you got any questions - please don't hesitate to contact us at!

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