Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Bugfix for Google Contacts Backup

Down to the may 1st, Google changed the authentication to access the Google Contacts service.

Due to that we released a new version v5.0.8 containing a bugfix.

Without the bugfix you will see an error message like "No authentication header information" when you have a look at the log files.

Unfortunately all users have to become active too after updating to v5.0.8.

Single account (all accounts that were added by its own e.g. a gmail account)

Please delete your account from the accounts tab and re-add it. Simply make a right click on the account and choose "delete". Don't worry, you can use your old credentials again. When you logged in to Google and granted access for BackupGoo, you are done!
Already backed up data is not affected by re-adding the account.

Domain based account (all accounts of your domain)

You have to change the API scopes in your Google Apps dashboard.       

- Go to (replace "" with your domain name)
- Click on "Advanced tools".
- Click on "Authentication" => "Manage third party OAuth Client access".
- Then edit the API scopes  of the client ID you used for BackupGoo (copy and paste the list with commas):,,,,

Summary: Single accounts have to delete and re-add the account, domain based accounts have to change the scopes in the Google Apps dashboard. Thats it!

In case you got any problems - please don't hesitate to contact us at!