Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Google introduces categories in Gmail

Last week Google announced a new Gmail inbox for mobile and web.
This new inbox is tagging automatically emails for you and arrange them in different categories like social, promotions, updates and forums.

For each label exists a new tab where you can see only the emails belonging to these labels.
You can place the tabs in any order you wish.

To activate this new feature (when its already available for your account) just click on the gear menu in the upper right and select "Configure inbox".

Google says that the new Inbox "puts you back in control using simple, easy organization."
Some users complained that it is very confusing to have two types of labels.
So it is on you to decide!

PS: For BackupGoo the new labels have no impact. As they are not visible on imap, BackupGoo will not handle them like the old type of labels.

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