Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

BackupGoo 5.1.5

After releasing our bigger update 5.1.4, we realized there were still some things that caused BackupGoo to stop the backup. Thanks to all the users out there for the valuable feedback, that helped us fix the problems.

At the end of last week we therefore released a bugfix version. The current BackupGoo version is now 5.1.5 . We recommend to update BackupGoo using the "Help" -> "Check for Updates" functionality in the UI or the download of new scripts from our download section.

Following the changes:
  • Fixed wrong counter in Gmail Service if there are no new mails in a folder.
  • Fixed wrong escaping of Asterisk in Email subjects.
  • Fixed wrong file paths for Drive files without extensions.

Deutsche Version

  • Falscher Zähler für den Gmail Dienst behoben bei Ordnern ohne neue E-Mails.
  • Fehlerhaftes Umformen von Asterisk in E-Mail Betreffs behoben.
  • Fehlerhafte Pfadzuweisung bei Drive Dateien ohne Endung behoben.

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