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BackupGoo OAuth 2.0 Single Account Authentication


The new BackupGoo authentication system is designed to allow BackupGoo access to your accounts. By default, this setup is not necessary for single accounts. These instructions are for the case where the central project used up the quota.
The system is a one-time, automatic setup. To set the system up, you only need to provide one file. That's it.

BackupGoo may ask you to set up your Single Account Authentication. That's the window.


Step 1

Click here to visit the Developers Console and login with any account.

If there is no project set up, click on "Create Project". Or click on your project.

Step 2

When creating the new project, type in any name, e.g. "BackupGoo" and leave the Project ID.

New Project creation

Step 3

You will be redirected to your new project.

New Project View

In your project click on "APIs & auth" in the left menu and then "APIs".

Step 4

Under "APIs" activate the "Google+ API", "Drive API", "Calendar API" and the "Contacts API"
Activate the "Google+ API", "Drive API", "Calendar API" and the "Contacts API"

Step 5

In the left menu click on "Consent screen". Choose an email from the list and type in any product name and save everything.

Under "Consent screen" choose an email address and type in a product name and save everything.

Step 6

In the left menu click on "Credentials".

Click on "Create new Client ID"

Under "Credentials" click on the "Create New Client ID" button.

Step 7

In the new "Create Client ID"  window, select "Installed Application" and click on "Create Client ID".

Step 8

Finally, in the "Client ID for native application" section, click on "Download JSON".
Save the file and input this file in BackupGoo's authentication window shown at the start.

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