Montag, 22. September 2014

BackupGoo 5.1.7

Hello everyone.

We just released a new version of BackupGoo, 5.1.7.

It took us longer than expected to get this version out, but we did a lot of testing and included a lot things behind the scenes to make sure BackupGoo is even better tested in the future.

We recommend to update to this version immediately!
Enough of the intro, let's get to the core of the update - as always in a clear list:


  • Domain authentication adapted to Google's changes
  • Retry mechanism for the Calendar Service upon problems.
  • Calendar-specific retry and skip mechanism for the Calendar Service.
  • Calendar service backs up a calendar only if it has been modified.
  • Retry mechanism for the Contacts Service upon problems.
  • Drive option to download the Drive Trash.
  • Version display on the main window's top.


  • Fixed infinite loop during errors in the Gmail service.

Deutsche Version

Neue Funktionen

  • Domain Authentifizierung angepasst an Googles Änderungen
  • Wiederhol-Mechanismus für den Kalender Dienst bei Fehlern.
  • Kalender-spezifischer Wiederhol-Mechanismus für den Kalender Dienst.
  • Sicherung eines Kalenders nur wenn er verändert wurde.
  • Wiederhol-Mechanismus für den Kontakte Dienst bei Fehlern.
  • Drive Funktion um den Drive Papierkorb zu sichern.
  • Versions-Anzeige im Hauptfenster im oberen Teil.


  • Behobene Endlosschleife im Gmail Dienst bei Fehlern.